Friday, May 30, 2014

The Laundry Chair

Don't play! You know you have one! It might be a chair, the guest room bed, the top of your washer and dryer....we all have a place where the laundry is clean, somewhat fresh and then waits for days to be folded and put away. If you are one of those moms who folds and puts your laundry away as soon as the dryer buzzer dings....I'm sorry, you really need to work on your time management skills. You are obviously not spending enough time poring over Facebook, watching reality shows and drinking...... Get your priorities straight lady!  So here's my "laundry chair":
And, this is not half bad!  There are actually stacks of folded laundry patiently waiting to be placed in their forever home.  Some of these poor guys never make it into those nice warm drawers, they spend their whole lives in the vicious laundry cycle....laundry room floor, washer, dryer, chair, body, repeat.  You may notice something special about our laundry chair....every so often you will find dirty clothes scattered around the floor. Someone in this house, ummhmmm, me.....just drops their dirty clothes right at the base of the laundry chair and grabs something clean.  It's an ugly, ugly situation......  I think I need a laundry intervention. Nah, I'll just fold some towels while I watch Real Housewives. What's that??? Oh, you don't have any clean socks in your drawer?   Check the chair!

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