Thursday, August 28, 2014

2 Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bath Scale Product Review

Need a new bathroom scale?  I had the privilege recently to review the 2 Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bath Scale .  It's a great scale!  You can choose between white or black and it has a very nice sleek and trim style. The scale has four different user settings.  I love how it saves your last weigh in and compares that with your current weigh in.  A great way to track weight loss!  It also has the capability to gauge your BMI.  Just enter in your height before you step on the scale and it will calculate your BMI in an instant.  I was also pleased with the retail price on Amazon, very reasonable.  So, if you are in need of a new bathroom scale - check out the 2 Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Bath Scale.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Real Back To School Lunch Packing Survival Tips

WooHoo!!  It's back to school baby!!  It's been a great summer - I love my boys - but, it's time!  We all need our space and their brains need a boost.  I'm excited and so are they.  We are enjoying all of the fun back to school shopping, chatting with friends about shared classes, new supplies.....and then, the cold chill goes up my spine.....It's time to pack the lunches.  Noooooo!!!!!  I despise packing school lunches.  It's just so...everyday!  And, as much as I hate packing lunches - I care enough about my chidren's health to not let them buy cafeteria food everyday.  Think I'm knocking cafeteria food??  Oh no, no....I know the government has been working super hard to make school lunches healthier...oh excuse me - let me clear my throat ;)  In all honesty - I definitely question my boys' food choices when left to their own devices.  I'm 100% they will not pick salads and fruit platters on a daily basis.  So, I vow to make this year easier - I make this vow every year - but now I am putting it in writing. That will make it stick, right???  And, before you go all Pinterest happy on know all those cutesie pins that show all those fabulous ways to pack your kiddo's lunch to make it more fun???  I have boys - one who is in middle school - they will never open their lunch box in public again if their sandwich is cut in the shape of a dinosaur or the fruit and cheese is formed in the shape of a tropical island.  So - here's my challenge to myself and I can promise you this list is evolving as I type it.  But, I WILL figure out how not to loathe lunch packing!!

1.  This is the most important tip of all....not breaking news folks....figure out what your kids like to eat.  Have a sit down with them before school is in full swing....find out what they like or don't like....what works in the lunch box and what doesn't.  I found out 2 yrs too late that every time I sent chicken nuggets from home - they were soggy by the time lunch rolled around. 

2.  Let them pick out their lunch box.  Kid's like to make their own decisions...again, not breaking news 

3.  Invest in a good thermos.  This is very important if your kid is down with taking a hot lunch.

4.  Pack dinner leftovers.  I mean, face it...most of us make dinners that we know everyone in the family enjoys or at least will eat without too much of a fit.  Make a little extra and pack it for lunch the next day. Wondering about how to keep it hot???  Read on....

5.  Invest in a few hot/cold packs.  You can find these in the Ace bandage section in most stores.  They can be heated or cooled and they will stay nice and flexible.  To pack for a hot lunch - heat the leftovers until smoking hot - fill thermos with crazy hot water to warm up the thermos - warm hot/cold pack in microwave - dump out thermos water, fill with smoking hot leftovers and snuggle the thermos into that child chosen lunch box with the hot wrap.  Pack your cold stuff, i.e. drink and fruit, into another pocket with a freezer pack.

6.  Invest in a lot of freezer packs.  These will get lost and/or thrown away.  I keep my freezer stocked with these guys.  You can get small ones for about $1 and they will always be needed.

7. Teach your older kids how to make their own lunch. When you get in a pinch - this skill can be invaluable!  I mean - every kid should know how to make a PBJ sandwich.  Throw some chips, an apple and a drink in a bag and I promise - they will survive until the after school snack.

8.  Keep plenty of fresh fruit and veggies on hand.  Easy to eat fruit and veggies!!!  Carrot sticks, celery sticks, apples, grapes, raisins...whatever your kid will eat.  Thrown them in a baggie and bam!  The lunch is now certifiably healthy!  Chef salads are also an awesome lunch if your kiddo will eat them.

9.  Pack everything possible into the lunch bag the night before.  If you are packing a hot lunch - load up all of the cold stuff and pack the hot goodness as the kids are eating breakfast the next morning.

10.  And most important - let your kid buy lunch every once in a while!  Most of them think it's pretty cool and who doesn't love school pizza? ;)  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil From Apothecary Extracts Product Review

I love essential oils!!  I use them in almost everything we use in our home.  From cleaning products to body washes, air fresheners to medicinal purposes....we use them a lot!  I was super excited to be able to participate in this product review for 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.   Tea tree oil is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca plant found in Australia.  It is known to have wonderful anti-bacterial qualities making it the perfect ingredient for many cleaning products and beauty products. I couldn't wait to receive my bottle of tea tree oil from Apothecary Extracts and get to mixing!

When I received my package - I was pleasantly surprised at how large the bottle was.  This size will last forever!! When you order this oil from Apothecary Extracts, you will also receive a "recipe" ebook available for free download.  This ebook is full of different recipes from oven cleaner to toothpaste!  But, remember, tea tree oil is NOT safe for ingestion, only topical use.

The first thing I made was dryer sheets.  It was so simple!  Just a little vinegar, water and eo's poured over fabric scraps will give you safe and wonderfully smelling homemade dryer sheets :)  No nasty chemicals caked onto your family's clothing!

Next, I followed the recipe for a toilet scrub.  I couldn't wait to try it out!  Just some common household ingredients - vinegar, water, baking soda, eo's.  Again, no harsh chemicals or odors and look at that gleaming toilet bowl....It actually works!

I also made an all-purpose cleaning spray and a baby wipe solution to use with my cloth diaper wipes.  And, the best part is - I only used a few teaspoons of the oil!  I see many more "mixes" in the near future :)

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rush Hour Jr. Traffic Jam Logic Game Product Review

My kids have found a new favorite game - Rush Hour Jr. Traffic Jam Logic Game from Thinkfun!!!!  It is such a fun little game! As soon as the package arrived at the house - they could not wait to try it out.  As soon as they took it out of the box and had it all set up - they jumped right in.  Basically, it is a game of logic...a puzzle. Each card shows a pattern which you create with the plastic cars provided.  Through a series of moves - slide moves only, no picking up pieces ;) you must try to move the ice cream truck to the other side of the game board.  You've got to get that ice cream truck out of the traffic jam!!  There are 40 different scenarios which range from Easy to Super Hard.  
My boys had no trouble but for those brain fried Moms like me - the answer is on the back of the card when you just can't figure it out :)  My guys are 8 and almost 12 and needed no assistance with the game - a younger child might need a little help setting up the pieces and should be able to handle the easy cards with assistance. 
I was very pleased with the board is hard plastic, the cards are brightly colored and easily read and there is even a storage bag for the playing pieces!  This would make a great under $20 birthday present, too :)

Check it out - you'll love it!!  
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.