Monday, October 20, 2014

I just can't...

I's been forever since I have blogged an original post.  I wish I could say it was for a super cool and glamorous reason, but it's not.  The reason I haven't blogged an original post?  I just couldn't!  Why couldn't I?  Oh, so many reasons!  I was too tired, I was too busy, there was just so much else going on.  The yard wasn't going to decorate itself for Halloween...and I have an image to uphold ;)  Am I any more busy or tired than any other mommy blogger or any mommy for that matter?  No way! I'm no fool...or life is a cakewalk compared to so many others.  I am just "learning my limits" 

Before I had my 3rd child...I said yes to everything.  Guilt?  People pleaser?  Nope.  I like "doing".  Room mom, PTA,'s fun for me.  And, whatever I do...I go 100%.  Go hard or go home is my motto.  Unless, it's cleaning house.  Then, my motto the bare minimum until they start yelling for clean underwear and the baby is eating full meals off the floor. 

But, seriously...when I became pregnant with my 3rd, my whole world changed.  I no longer was the mom with two school aged children who could go and do whatever I wanted during the school hours.  I was now the mommy of two school age kids and an infant.  Life as I knew it looked a helluva lot different now.  It was hard for some people to understand...this new me.  "You mean you're not volunteering for this or that?"  "Aw, come on, go for PTA prez this year....I was 15 mos pregnant and dragging around two toddlers while I served on our school's PTA."  (I exaggerate, of course)  And, it was hard for me, too.  However, I was slowly learning my limits.  And, drumroll please...they're not necessarily "your" limits.  You may be able to serve on the PTA board while 15 mos preggo dragging along two toddlers without pulling your hair out.  You go girl!  But, I just can't....better yet, I don't want to.  And, I've had to learn that that's okay.  p.s. it's not a competition ;)  And, even if it was a competition - you win :)

I've also come to realize this is way bigger than just me learning to say no.  This is about the example I am setting for my children.  This generation is the most over-scheduled, over-committed, burnt out, stressed out generation our world has ever seen.  If we can't set limits for ourselves, how can we ever expect our kids to learn their own limits.  If they see me doing 10 million different things well and keeping my sanity, than that's awesome.  But, if they see me trying to do 10 million different things poorly and turning into a giant stressball who has stretched herself too thin...then we have a problem.  

I am a work in progress...I still try to do too much at once, I get stressed and I put unnecessary guilt on myself because I'm not doing as much as I think I should. I am a mom after all!  However, I grow a little more everyday and it's getting easier when I need to say, "I'm sorry, I just can't this time".  Now, if only this would work with the laundry......


  1. I am so happy you posted! I've missed you! Regardless, i completely understand! I overstretch myself 100% and have a REALLY hard time saying no. I am happy you are setting limits and pacing yourself. Even if you are one of my favorites and I miss you!! ;)

    1. Oh Smash!! You always know just what to say ;) It only took me 4 hours to post....complete with two school drop offs and baby hanging on my big deal!