Sunday, January 18, 2015

Do I Smell Like A Man???

I used men's shampoo 12 year old son's shampoo to be precise. How? Why? I don't know...these things just happen around here. While I was putting baby to bed tonight, I received two texts from Big Daddy downstairs: 1 - Is the dishwasher clean or dirty? Bam! He's doing the dishes! 2 - Our 8 year old son cannot find his shampoo. I plead ignorance on this one. Who loses their shampoo? This kid, that's who!  After I come downstairs, I find out that the shampoo is still "lost" so he used my shampoo. Whatevs, no big deal, smell like a girl...maybe he'll actually smell clean!  The piece of info that was missing was that he used my shampoo in some other bathroom in the house. So, when I finally got to take my shower...this was the only shampoo in the shower...
Yes, man shampoo. Okay, I'm no frilly girlie girl....I live in a house of all males. My fancy days are long gone. However, I do require two things...I must have lip gloss available at all times and I WILL smell like a girl!  Well, I guess I'm gonna have to double up on the lip gloss tonight.  In all honesty, I may have to use the "man shampoo" again. My hair feels amazing!!! It's so fluffy and soft!!!  And, I guess Ocean Charge isn't too manly of a scent. At least I didn't have to use the Axe body wash!
So fresh and so clean, clean! 

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