Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SubMom style

Ya got "dubstyle" "gangsta style" and countless other styles. But, here's a shout out to all my Mommas rocking the "SubMom" style. Haven't heard of it? Well, it really is a thing...I just decided. SubMom style - classic suburban mom. Drives a minivan or some sort of hybrid/crossover utility vehicle. The cool outfit consists of yoga pants/leggings, who knows what kind of shirt covered by their ski vest or North Face jacket, ponytail and dark sunglasses (to hide the nonexistent makeup and dark circles under their eyes). Typical hangout is school carpool lines, playgrounds and Target.  They are cool enough to have a "crew", a really loud and rambunctious "crew"...usually 2 or more depending on the size of their "brood". And, this crew is ALWAYS hanging around! Don't forget the Starbucks coffee mug...she's been partying with that crew all night. Oh, and her skills are off the chain! She can nurse a baby, make dinner, help one child with common core math and quiz another child on their spelling words all at once...AND still remember all the words to Rob Base's "It Takes Two" plus quote the entire movie, Goonies. But, don't you dare try to ask her what she did all day...she's way too cool to be bothered with little details like that! It's all a blur anyway.... Got the SubMom style?? I'm sure you do...and I bet your friends do, too! Rock it loud and proud!!! Slip on those yoga pants, pull that hair back and grab another cup of coffee! And, if you ever find yourself in your mom car alone headed to the grocery store to pick up your online shopping order....crank up that music, sip on that Starbucks and rock it like it's 1999!!!! Happy New Year to all my rockin' moms!!!


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