Friday, June 27, 2014

Wedded Bliss?!?!

Today marks 16 years of marriage to the most amazing man in the world.  How amazing, you ask??  He's so amazing that we just welcomed our 3rd child five years after his vasectomy, yep...just call him Superman - but, that's another post for another day ;)  As I sit here, surrounded by the chaos that is 3 boys - 2 of which are screaming that they need more toilet paper, attempting to blog and do laundry....I think back over those 16 years of marriage and sigh and smile.
See, I never was that little girl that dreamed of her wedding day....the fluffy white dress, elaborate wedding and complete extravagance.  Thank the Lord for my mother, grandmother and aunt....without them, my wedding day would have been a hot mess!  Instead, I dreamed of what married and family life would be like.  I imagined the day to day, the "mundane", the quiet moments and the crazy ones.  Family dinners, vacations, school and sport functions.  That is what I dreamed of.  And, I can honestly say, this man has given me all of this and so much more.  Especially the sport functions seeing as we have nothing but boys.... Now, don't get me hasn't been easy and it hasn't always been fun, but it has always been love.  We have had our share of ups and downs but we have made it, stronger each year.  We're that couple who actually likes to hang together.  Many times, we will even choose to chill together rather than hit the town with friends.  See, we've not only been married for 16 years, we've been together for 22 years - exclusively!  Yep, we're high school sweethearts - we even made it through college together - only "breaking up" for a full 24 hours.  With a 50% divorce rate in this country, I'd say we're doing pretty darn good.
Plus, it's too much work training a man, one is enough for me!  Oh yeah, we're in it to win it!  I honestly cannot imagine my life without this man and these 3 crazy boys he gave me the privilege of parenting.  And, thank God we're parenting them together 'cuz they wear my tail out!


  1. Saturday was our 11th anniversary! :) Life is crazy, but so good with three young children added to the family.

    1. Happy Anniversary!! Hard to remember what it was like before the kiddos, right!?!?! A new kind of love :)