Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thank God for the beach, beer and Dorito fingers!

Ahhhh!!  Vaca finally arrived for the family!  It took us a week's worth of cleaning and packing, two days of driving, numerous stops and a mass of emotional breakdowns but we made it!!  Funny thing is - our closest beach is only 3 1/2 hours away yet we choose to trek 9 plus hours to our favorite FL beach :)  Yep, we're a little nuts but it is sooooo worth it.  We love everything about being at the beach - we are beach people.  We are not the ones with the cabanas, and chairs for everyone, multiple coolers to house every drink and snack you can imagine and sand toys out the whazoo.  Nope, we are the minimalists.  Roll us in the sand with a drink, a bag of Doritos and the surf and we are the happiest campers this side of the Mason Dixon line!  What?  You gotta pee?  Nature's potty is just a few steps away - just give at least a 10 foot clearance.  Need a shower?  Rub some sand on ya and take a dip - pretend it's a spa day.  When I get to the beach, I love to just be.  I park it on the sand, pop open a beer and watch the world stand still.  Big Daddy and the boys are happy doing what they do best at the beach...boogie boardin', throwin' football, attempting to dig to the other side of the world - cue the poor unsuspecting beach walker later that evening ;) - and I'm lovin' life, chillin' like a villain.  I rotate between playing with the fam and restoring my soul. Pure heaven, just like vaca is supposed to be.  And, then we went and had another baby.....  Stay tuned for the next post - Baby at the Beach!

Stealing a few alone minutes on the beach with my toes in the sand, an ice cold beer and Dorito fingers!


  1. We are minimalist too!!! Whenever we go to the beach it's two chairs, two drinks, and a towel. LOVE IT. Now that we have a baby though I have a feeling things are going to be totally different for our first trip... interested to read how it went for y'all!

    1. Oh yes!! It will definitely be different!! But in a great way :) There's nothing quite like experiencing one of nature's wonders through the eyes of a child. This is our third baby at the beach and the "gear" gets less each time - live and learn :)!!