Saturday, May 24, 2014

Double A's.....

And, I'm not talking about boobies.....I'm talking batteries.  Oh sweet Lordy, someone should do a study on how many AA batteries one household with children goes through compared to a household without.  I'm not a betting girl, but I'm willing to bet all of my bras the difference would be staggering.  Why bet my bras???  Well, if I'm wrong, I got nothing to lose but a drawerful of torture devices.....  Just this morning alone, we have swapped one measly pair of AA batteries between two tv remotes, one wii remote and and xbox controller.  Forget all the toys that are crying out in the middle of the night for know, that random beebop nursery rhyme song or heeheehee from Elmo that terrifies you as you close up alone downstairs....we'd love to put you out of your misery guys, but we got Netflix to browse.

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