Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Have you gotten your "Mommy Fix" today???

You know....your "Mommy Fix"?  All the wonderful little guilty pleasures that help you survive the day.....with children!  I'm talking: finishing a cup of coffee while it's hot, sneaking brownies in the pantry, going potty with the door shut and two handed typing.  Yes, I said potty ;) This embarrasses the mess out of my almost twelve year old son,,,,Mommy Fix!! Oh well, he has two younger brothers, eight and six months....the odds are pretty good I will still ask him if he needs to go potty in front of his college roommates. Mwahahaaa!  This blog is devoted to all us mommies out there who need a little mommy fix....we are all in this together!  Now, go hide from your kids and eat a brownie!!!

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