Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I just ate a whole sleeve of crackers....

Yep, that just happened....I ate a whole sleeve of crackers in t-minus 60 sec.  It wasn't pretty. But, in my defense, I couldn't remember if I had eaten yet today and the baby was sleeping.  My 6 mos old was actually his crib!!!  This is monumental as he NEVER naps unless he is hooked on to me.  I couldn't believe it when I tried to lay him in the crib and he didn't arch his back and act as if I was putting him in a basket made of bull rushes  headed down the Nile....Moses reference.  I literally pulled the shirt off my back and covered him with it as a blanket to see if my "scent" would help him stay asleep.  Who am I kidding? My scent is not exactly lavender and roses at the moment, now I'm trying to remember my last shower....... Probably should have showered instead of eating the crackers.

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