Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hi....my name is Mommy, and I'm addicted to sniffing my baby's head.....

There's nothing quite like nuzzling your sweet little one's fuzzy noggin' to give you a good 'ol Mommy Fix. Scientist have actually shown that the smell of a newborn's head has addictive properties, especially for their mothers. However, this is one addiction I never want to break. See, I'm not just a mom to a sweet little babe, I'm also a mom to two big handsome boys. And, I know all too well that this sweet little heaven scented fuzzy top will not last forever. In just a few short years, he will acquire that "boy smell" and he definitely will not sit long enough for me to snuggle and nuzzle him. So, until then...I will get my fix as much as he'll allow and savor the moment. Until, he pukes down my shirt....oh well, moment over....until next time :)

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