Friday, May 23, 2014

The baby's asleep!!!

As I have mentioned before....our youngest, our super surprise always active 6 mos old does NOT sleep....well, unless he's attached to me. But, my prayers were answered, the stars aligned and he is asleep!! In his crib!!! Taking a for real nap! I'm so scared just writing this post is gonna jinx this moment..... I'm so beside myself that I don't know what to do first....I'm paralyzed with fear and pure giddiness!! How long will it last??? Should I nap, clean the kitchen, do laundry??? Take a shower, reheat my coffee, sit down and eat food off of a plate????  The options are staggering.  I know....I'll put on "real" clothes!!! WooHoo!! Ummm, maybe I should just do laundry....the underwear drawers are running on empty.....

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